COB Floodlight Series


1057 and 1059 luminaires from Vista Architectural Lighting are multi-purpose up & accent floodlights designed for highlighting architectural and landscape features.

These units utilize integrated Chip-On-Board (COB) LED technology and are offered in four lighting distributions:

  • Very Narrow Spot
  • Narrow Spot
  • Medium Flood
  • Wide Flood

Each fixture is available with integral, dimmable drivers. Units can be ground, wall or ceiling mounted onto a variety of substrates including concrete, tile or landscape materials. Both are suitable for indoor and outdoor installations.

Product Advantages

  • Heavy-walled, die-cast aluminum construction
  • Compact design is less obtrusive when installed
  • Optic/driver compartments separately sealed to maximize thermal control
  • Chip-On-Board (COB) LED technology from 3,000°K to 5,000°K CCT
  • Dimmable universal input voltage drivers
  • Available with over 10,000 Lumens
  • Adjustable aiming: 330° vertical x 360° horizontal
  • Optical distributions:
    Very Narrow Spot, Narrow Spot, Medium Flood and Wide Flood
  • Ground, wall or ceiling mountable
  • Wet location outdoor rated
  • Tightly spaced fins with increased surface area enable fixture to dissipate heat and shed water.

1050 Series Specifications


Heavy-walled, die-cast aluminum construction. Captive stainless-steel fasteners (4) affixed to minimalistic styled door. Doors are designed to shed water from the lens without light leak.


Heavy-walled, die-cast aluminum construction. The optic and driver compartments are separately sealed from each other and the environment, while being electrically connected. The housing is adjustable for aiming on a heavy-aluminum yoke assembly and locked in position with stainless-steel lock washers and nuts.


  • 1057 - Cree® CXA1830 driven at 450mA, 700mA or 900mA; 3000°K (Standard)
  • 1059 - Cree® CXA3050 driven at 1050mA, 1190mA, 1400mA or 1750mA; 3000°K (Standard)

Color Temperature:

LEDs offered in 3000°K (Standard), 3500°K, 4000°K, 5000°K CCT ANSI white 2 or 4 step Cree® Easy White™ bins


120V-277V input voltage available

Light Distribution:

Very Narrow VNS (NEMA 2x2)
Narrow Spot NS (NEMA 2x2),
Medium Flood MF (NEMA 4x4),
Wide Flood WF (NEMA 6x6)

Delivered Lumens:

Configurations from 1500 - 10,000 Lumens


Individually mounted barn doors, shroud, internal source shields and color filters


High-purity, anodized specular or semi-specular aluminum optics designed in Photopia provide various distributions for maximum performance and uniformity; tight spot optics have internal source shield accessory options to eliminate unwanted glare.


  • 1057 – 3/16" tempered clear glass
  • 1059 – 1/4" tempered clear glass

Electrical Entries:

3' ST-WA 18/3 outdoor-rated hard usage cable


  • Integral LED dimmable drivers; high power factor; wet location rated
  • Dimming: 0-10VDC and resistance dimming; PWM dimming options available
  • Electronic multi-voltage 120-277V inputs standard; CUL listed


Barn Doors (1059)

Half Light Shield (1057)
(Full Light Shield available)

Internal Source Shield (1057)

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