For accenting architectural and landscape features, this line voltage up & accent fixture with medium shroud utilizes MR16 Halogen series of lamps and is rated for use with lamps up to 50 watts. The die-cast, copper-free aluminum housing is designed to withstand the most rugged of applications. The shroud is fitted to the housing with a C-curved cross-section gasket to ensure a superior weather-tight seal. A clear, tempered, shock and heat resistant soda-lime glass lens safeguards the lamp and optics. An electronic 12V transformer is integrated into the fixture to allow use of the extremely versatile MR16 lamp. The intelligently engineered fully adjustable knuckle is made from injection-molded, fiber-reinforced composite which effectively isolates the fixture from the harmful corrosive soil. There are 18 super durable polyester powder-coated finishes to choose from. With several different optical accessories available, the 1080-M stands ready for a multitude of lighting tasks. Lamp not included with fixture, mounting hardware not included.

Now available as a LED luminaire!

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