Vista Mobile Apps - digital tools for the landscape professional

VistaPro Smart

With the VistaPro Smart App, you can control your landscape lighting from anywhere. From scheduling on and off times, to dimming and changing colors. Your VistaPro lighting needs in one place.

Vista Cloud

Vista Cloud lets you access your Vista LCS & TCS Wi-Fi landscape lighting controllers anywhere, anytime. Turn the lights on/off and change the dim level in real-time. All your settings are stored safely and securely in the cloud.


The vPro app is your wireless control center for your Vista vPro solid-state lighting transformers. Control brightness in real-time and set custom on/off/dim times for each day of the week.

Vista Landscape Lighting Catalog

This Product Guide includes 12-volt series luminaries available from Vista Professional Landscape Lighting. Additional product support is provided, including a section on LED technology.