Vista Sales Network

Customers can purchase Vista's full line of outdoor lighting products through our architectural or landscape sales channels. Click the appropriate links at the top of the paragraphs below for full nationwide listings of our agents and sales representatives who can assist you.

Vista offers 24-hour turnaround on the entire Vista line of products.

Architectural Sales Representatives
Lighting professionals in the commercial and industrial arena, including lighting designers, specifiers, architects, electrical engineers and electrical distributors are served by our Architectural sales agents. C&I customers can depend on our sales agents to provide them with unmatched attention to service and detail for all their lighting needs.

Landscape Industry Sales Representatives
Vista serves the landscape industry like no other with a dedicated force of national factory sales representatives in every region of the United States. Vista's superior sales representative service includes a dedicated irrigation technical team for all your training and technical needs.

Technical Specialists
The Vista technical staff is unsurpassed in the industry and is equipped to help you gain the knowledge you need when designing and installing your outdoor landscape lighting projects. For information on everything from scheduled training dates to proper installation techniques, our technical staff is standing by to offer their assistance.

Distributors Network
Our dedicated national network of distributors helps to make our products and accessories as easily accessible as possible. It is important to Vista that you receive all the support and assistance you need when using our products. With that in mind, our distributors are available to answer questions and are ready to help you with all your outdoor lighting needs.