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The new vPRO Transformers are low profile, light weight, stainless steel and utilize solid-state technology. A proprietary, downloadable app allows the transformer to be controlled by any Bluetooth® enabled device.

Multi-stage dimming of all loads is quickly accomplished, regardless of light source—LED or halogen or lamp brand. Dimming is smooth: from full bright to off.

Functionality is further enhanced with adjustable astronomic timing, dual-zone output from one unit, and on-the-fly override of all control aspects. The interface is user-friendly, so setup is fast and easy.


Mobile App

Control your transformer

A proprietary, downloadable app places control in the palm of the hand , providing multiple dimming/event programming options or manual override.

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Product Advantages

  • Low profile, light weight, stainless-steel enclosure
  • Ease of handling and installation flexibility
  • Solid-state technology
  • Downloadable app allows control by any Bluetooth® enabled device
  • User-friendly interface for fast, easy set up
  • Astronomic programming with multiple on/off and dimming
  • Smooth dimming from full bright to off
  • On-the-fly override for all control aspects
  • Self-adjusting voltage and current reductions to protect against overload; no breakers to reset
  • Available in single or double circuits; double circuit dimming individually addressable
  • Multiple wattage options from 75 to 500
  • Selectable voltage adjustment (12V or 15V)
  • Outdoor/indoor rated
  • Password protected
  • American made


VP-75 Solid State Universal Power Supply 75W Single Circuit
VP-150 Solid State Universal Power Supply 150W Single Circuit
VP-75X2 Solid State Universal Power Supply 150W w/ Dual 75W Circuits
VP-150X2 Solid State Universal Power Supply 300W w/ Dual 150W Circuits


Professional contractor’s have wanted more control over their lighting installations for years.
Now they can easily change how they want outdoor projects to be illuminated – whenever they like.

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